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Our Mission

Achieving Manufacturing Excellence Through Designs, Methods and Technology

Our goal is to help our customers take on ever increasing global competition with world-class manufacturing capabilities.  Our services include:


·         Sales Support of High Quality Assembly Equipment

·         Application Engineering and Process Development

·         Special Machine Applications

·         Board Handling Integration

·         System Integration

·         Installation Support


Mektronix works with customers across Canada and is responding to special customer requirements in the area of custom tooling, unique parts handling and specialized process functions. 


Mektronix Systems specializes in setting up SMT lines.  We work with global leaders of equipment through exclusive representation agreements.  We take single source responsibility including equipment specification, line/plant layout, training and process development. 

Our Story

Mektronix Systems Corporation was established in 1988 with the mandate to provide the Canadian Electronics Industry with High Quality Assembly Equipment and Support Services.  This remains Our Guiding Mission - To support our Customers with Technical Solutions that will achieve Manufacturing Excellence.   

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