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Dive Into the New Age of Efficiency


SMT Mounters, Odd form placement, Pick and Place, Feeders.


Automated optical Inspection AOI, Solder Paste Inspection SPI, Manual X-Ray MXI, Conformal Coating Inspection CCI, Underfill Inspection UFI.

inventory management

Smart Storage warehousing solutions, Automated Component counters, Inventory management systems.

automated assembly solutions

Conveyors, Custom Handling solutions, Back end process solutions, Custom designed robotic assembly cells and automation stations.

coating and dispense

Spray coating (manual and automatic), Dispense systems, Dip coating.

thermal profilers

Reflow thermal profiling, Wave solder thermal profiling, Constant thermal monitoring.

test solutions

Bed-of-Nails (BON), In-Circuit Tester (ICT).


PCB cleaning, Stencil cleaning machines.

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